1965: Pierre Foix creates the Centre d'Etudes de Psychologie Individuelle et de Groupe [Center of Individual and Group Psychological Studies]. He dedicates it to research for companies that place human resources at the heart of their ambitions, as a source of vitality.

1986: Catherine M. Foix succeeds him. She enhances key competences. CEPIG emerges as an expert in valorizing human talent within the corporate context. CEPIG gains a reputation in developing potential in terms of professional, managerial and institutional issues.

1996: Yves Blanc becomes Associate and Co-Director. He manages services in the form of training and seminars...

2000: A turning point, a team of senior consultants is reinforced by young, confirmed consultants.

2004: Publications of three foundation books: Le Manager à l'écoute [The Manager Who Listens] by Yves Blanc, Réveillez vos talents [Wake Up Your Talent] by Catherine M. Foix,Gagnez en autorité naturelle [Gaining Natural Authority], by Mathieu Maurice.

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