Our team

With a trinomial management team, five versatile consultants and reliable partners, CEPIG conducts research, learns, builds and enriches itself all the time through interaction.


The convergence of our experience

Each mission at CEPIG is managed as a project, conducted by a pilot who calls on other competences our team has, if required.
We view projects from different perspectives and share our experiences, with expertise acquired in an activity enriching still others.
Publications, conferences, current events and experiences: at the heart of our organization there is a knowledge manager who ensures access to new sources of information.


We combine talents

Catherine M. Foix has directed CEPIG since 1986. Deeply interested in human sciences and having trained for 3 years with the Palo Alto model, she has cultivated an original approach based on talent, sharing it through her published works.

Yves Blanc has co-directed CEPIG since 1996. With his business background and as author of published research on listening, he is a specialist of collective performance.

Mathieu Maurice joined the board in 2012 as Development Director. He's leading our research and is very involved in our clients HR and Corporate Projects.

CEPIG's consultants have varied and complementary profiles. Our research, training on new tools and calling into question constantly enrich our practices.

CEPIG's administrative team is at your service to inform you and to serve as a relay with the consultants.

To garantee our independence and performance, the team is accompanied on a regular basis by external supervisors.


We capitalize on the dynamics of our relations

Small or medium-sized businesses or international groups, from building trades to mail-order distribution and media, and from entry-level to top management: the diversity of sectors, populations and missions enriches our expertise.
The loyalty of our clients and their continuity over time has reinforced the added value of our interventions.
This is a vision in line with today's challenges that CEPIG proposes to managers who want to optimize and mobilize human resources.