Our Ethics

"A posture and our commitments"

Respecting people and their ecology

  • Relating a person's resources with the needs of their company
  • Preserving the balance of a person, acting in coherence with their personality, their temperament.

Freedom of expression & independence

  • Co-constructing with you each time it is possible by making concrete recommendations
  • Getting a clear focus on issues and proposing original and professional actions.

Realism & creativity

  • Regularly renewing practices and tools
  • Enriching the expertise of our team through training and research to remain state-of-the-art.

Being demanding and calling ourselves into question

  • Maintaining a permanent watch regarding our activity and your issues
  • Carrying out each of our actions as if it is the first time.

Transparency & keeping commitments

  • Clearly defining the scope of our approaches, objectives and rules for confidentiality
  • Saying what we do and doing what we say.

Respecting differences & diversity

  • Considering differences as an enrichment, valorizing each talent and giving it scope to express itself
  • Evaluating objectively skills and behaviours, excluding any discrimination, by respecting scrupulously professional ethics.