CEPIG's Project

A word from our President


Since 1965, when CEPIG was founded by Pierre Foix, we have constantly renewed ourselves. Today, CEPIG is a co-actor in a complex corporate world that is increasingly more interdependent. This calls for greater openness to ideas, to creating..
We cannot be satisfied with a single mindset, nor with miracle solutions that are simplistic and ineffective. Everything moves. Being agile means taking initiatives. This is why we search for pertinent, original tools for you, tools based on stimulating research as well as CEPIG's policy of investing in on-going training for its consultants.

Our ambition: a team always on the move, ready to accompany you in your HR projects.


Our mission: provide you with a space where each consultant gains resources and is enriched humanly
With rigorous approaches that provide proven performance, with a clearly defined code of ethics, we guarantee an independent posture when we work with clients.
Your talented people will appreciate the depth of our insights that is our trademark. We mobilize people to express their entire being with confidence, so that they can explore new directions. We share with our clients findings regarding subjects that help them differentiate their company's management compared with their competitors. We help clients learn to learn so that their empowerment can be developed.


My own personal commitment: make CEPIG a place where we develop high value-added services for you which contribute to the balance between performance in your company's organization as well as humanity in its relations.
We share a responsibility with you: working on a fragile balance that shapes a forward-looking enterprise. Each person finds his or her place, ecologically, so that the whole system leverages its performance. This means devoting constant attention to your human potential. This is our work. This is the CEPIG touch.